Dear Target,

I never could have imagined this day would come, but I think we should see other people. This is hard because I've been in love with you for so long and I still love you... I'm just not in love with you. I really hope we can stay friends.

It's not you, it's me. Ok...ok...if I'm being honest it's a little bit you.

You're double carts are too big. Just too damn big. I can't get through a single aisle without bumping into something or someone. It's a whale, not a cart...and it should come with a sign and permit "Wide Right Turns."

There's too much paper work. Between my Red Card and Gift Cards with qualifying purchases and CartWheel and register coupons and mailers and Buy 2 or 3 or 4 and get free sandwich bags...I can't keep up. I'm tired, just give me the price. I don't have time to fumble with my phone and add a coupon for 5% off four sticks of butter...just give me 5% already know I'm in the store. I'm yours...don't make me work for it. I'm done playing hard to get.

And, finally your $1 section is becoming too much for me. You flaunt your cheap knick knacks and Frozen covered crap without any regard for the tiny fraying rope that is the toddler pysche. You know this and you just keep putting it out there...teasing, taunting, manipulating.

But, it's not just you, it's me too.

There was a time when I needed you. I'd wake up in the morning, in a new town, with few friends and a toddler, then two and I needed out. You had Starbucks and people and aisles to get lost in.

I'd see other sad mother's, also in need of a witness, and it made me feel better. I wasn't totally alone.

You were there when I needed you most and for that I will be forever grateful. But, I have friends now and parks to play in and paths to run and stories to write. I've become a more confident mama. Strolling through your aisles used to be my destination, now it's a stop on the way to something better...I've got things to do!

Don't be sad, we'll still see each other. No one else carries Method cleaning products like you and those Circo leggings can't be beat. You have shampoo and tampons and sales on Ella's pouches; you aren't totally replaceable. A part of me will always need you.

And...I have no doubt they'll be a low day this winter (when if I don't get out someone in my house might not make it)...I'll come crawling back, begging for forgiveness and Starbucks.

Until then I'll see you for the occasional quick(ie)...fix.

Love Always,


p.s. I've heard news reports that you might be adding an actual bar. If this is true...burn this letter. That will change everything.


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