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I can tell summer time is almost here because Annaliese has to get a good scrub down every night. I love the way kids smell when they've been playing outside all day. A mixture of sweat and dirt and adventure with a lil peanut butter and ice cream on top. Dirt on kids is not unlike sand at the beach. I find myself wondering how'd that piece of mulch get there and was that really a pebble in her belly button? But I love it. She's barefoot and half naked most of the time. Leggings and tights have given way to shorts and scrapes on the knees...ah, summertime.

Tiny likes to be outside. And now that she can open the back door, she is out all the time....with or without my knowledge. Lucky for us the backyard is fenced in and the fear of danger is very low. I should say relative danger. The other night we had just finished giving Tiny a bath. We got as far as the diaper when she made a run for the back door. She's barefoot. We have a dog. Do you know where this is headed?

As I'm scrambling to chase after her...I'm yelling, in what feels like slow motion "watch out for the poooooo.....!" Too late. I know it's happened as soon as I see her face. I want to cry, she seems ready to laugh. She does look a little confused, but not quite as disgusted as I feel she should be. I say (or rather schrill) "don't move" and grab her by the armpits, holding her at arms length as we head back to the tub we've just drained for round two.

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