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We had a busy weekend, filled with fun and spring fashion opportunities. Tiny and I attended a baby shower for a good friend, expecting her first baby boy this summer. Tiny particularly enjoyed the bright blue cupcakes, licking three cakes clean of their frosting. I normally don't condone this type of sugar binging but when at an event where the focus should absolutely not be her, I tend to use whatever tactics necessary to entertain, occupy and distract. In a party room, void of toys and other toddler treasures, the cupcakes really did the trick, plus it was the weekend. Which means, Hubs was home to help me deal with the inevitable sugar crash that followed a few hours later. Although, I must admit the crash was surprisingly mild, and nothing a Tide to Go pen, a little Crest and a good sleep couldn't cure. (Sounds somewhat like the adult equivalent of a few too many brewskis).

We also had a little time to do some shopping, and Annaliese has discovered a new game. Jury is still out on whether I find this game cute, or super annoying. I probably lean towards cute, the other shoppers and store employees, annoying. First thing she does upon entering a store is run full speed for the dressing room. If the store happens to have a three way mirror she will spend hours looking at herself from all angles. (The store soundtrack softly playing "You're so Vain" as she ooos and aaas at the cute girl in the mirror.) This is Tiny's favorite kind of dressing room.

If there are only stalls she finds an open one, runs in and closes the door. From the outside you can see her tiny feet doing a little dance back and forth as she gushes over her own reflection. When she tires, she starts to bang on the door to be let out, and the cycle repeats (and repeats and repeats until we leave the store). When the dressing rooms are near the area I'm shopping this is a win win, she's occupied, I'm shopping instead of chasing. But, when I want to venture to the front of the store, I fear someone may find her banging to be let out and call child services for leaving her motherless in a locked dressing room. Cute, right?!?

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