Spring Awakening

Spring has finally sprung. Although, congratulations Arkansas you really pulled a fast one on us. The ol' "bait and switch the northerners" routine to entice them south. Folks here told us it was going to be warm starting March 1. On April 3 it was 39 degrees. Sure we've had the occasional 70 degree day, but that was followed up by flurries the very next. I was beginning to hate my sweaters and boots and the thought of spending anymore time trying to strap Annaliese into her carseat whilst wearing her puffer jacket unbearable. It's rather like trying to stuff myself into my skinny jeans post holidays. It's ugly, it's grunty, but eventually, god bless, the button buttons. I digress, because finally, (although a month and half later than expected) the flowers are blooming, the birds chirping and the foreseeable forecast future is bright. Time to dust off the old summer box, pop it open and give these pasty whites some color! We've been spending a lot of time outside. And, I don't know if its the fresh air that has changed me, or Annaliese, or both of us, but sunshine makes everything a little better. Her temper tantrums on a public sidewalk seem a little less painful than those in a store aisle. They don't seem to last as long, and there are no walls for her deafening screams to bounce off of. Nature offers many distractions too....mid scream, she points..."BIRD!" Thank you my winged-friend, for providing me the perfect distraction that could not be found in my too large bag of nonsense.

Hubs has been getting in on the action too. Determined to make our backyard a serene outdoor oasis, Bret has spent tireless hours digging, building, planting, spreading, hulling. And, he's nearly accomplished it. Our once slab of concrete and fence, is now damn near tranquil. Tiny even has her own area complete with little house and slide (which come to think of it, is probably why our area is actually quite peaceful).

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