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The next Anna Wintour she probably isn't, but to me her humor, her style and her daily goings on are worth talking about. When my sweet little girl started having an opinion about what she wanted to wear I thought, why not? She deserves the opportunity to express herself through fashion like any other woman. Never mind my little woman is only 19 months old. When we get dressed in the morning I give her options. "Hey, Annaliese, do you want to wear this? or this?" And, usually the answer is something else all together. "That!" Today, the 'that' was her bunny slippers. Last Wednesday it was Minnie panties on top of her pants. Tomorrow, who knows! But that's the fun, isn't it? We get strange looks and get asked questions, and sometimes we even hit it out of the park and get lots of compliments. But in any case, she makes me smile and I hope she does the same for you.

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