Rollin' with my Gnomie

We are leaving for Orlando tomorrow and admittedly I am in full laundry/packing mode. You know this mode...wearing the backup jeans and ugly t-shirt, because God help me if I wear a sweater today, that I NEED to wear on my trip. All viable fashion options must be clean and on the packing table just in case they make the cut. So, today we get the wardrobe losers. Annaliese’s options were slim picking this morning but still she nailed it!

Annaliese and I love any and everything with a pic of our dog, Hugo, on it. At first it was cute, ‘hey look at this awesome shirt, can you believe it has a Boston Terrier on it?’ Now, because they are so strangely easy to find and we own an obnoxious amount, it’s actually starting to get a little crazy-cat-lady-kind of weird. I barely even like my dog anymore (joke!) yet; I can’t stop myself from buying tiny t-shirts featuring his likeness.

I picked out the hot pink leggings, but the gold tutu was all Miss A. In our house, everyday is a tutu kind of day. We have birthday tutus and party tutus and the kind of tutus that are perfect for a lazy Thursday spent hanging with friends.

No outfit is complete without a topper, and today it was a ‘hat! hat!’ This gnome knitted hat was a gift from Annaliese's super-talented Aunt Holly. She loves it, and so do I. She also loves cheese, and well, so do I.

#laundry #gnome #bostonterrier

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